How Heart Failure Develops

Heart failure is becoming increasingly prominent. The reason for this increase has to do with diets, exercise, smoking, high blood pressure and other lifestyle choices and medical conditions that arise because of them.1427391698613

For example, if you develop high blood pressure, it will force your heart to pump more blood that it’s used to. Just like any other muscle, when the heart works more on a regular basis, it becomes bigger and thicker. The muscles of a bodybuilder are a great example of what happens when muscles need to work a lot. However, the heart can only get so much thicker and bigger. After a certain point, it becomes too big and too thick to effectively do its job and that’s when the problems typically start to occur.

All of this does not happen overnight. If you are developing heart problems, you doctor will be able to notice it because of the changes in the sound of your heart. Doctors can hear these changes when they use stethoscopes. Also, the doctor can place his or her hand on your chest and feel the movements of your heart against the wall of your chest. If your heart is getting bigger, the thumping will move away from the chest center.

Difficulty breathing is the most common symptom and one of the easiest to recognize in terms of heart conditions. At first, breathing becomes difficult only when you are exercising or walking quickly. As the condition progresses, you may also have difficulty breathing when you are resting.

At the same time, having difficulty breathing doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a heart condition. You may get short of breath when you exercise intensely and your heart is working as it should. The difference is that with a healthy heart you will experience short breath only after a few minutes of rigorous exercise, not when you just get started with it.

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